How Do I put Two PowerPoints Office PowerPoint 2007?

If your PowerPoints are on a flash drive or if they are attached to an email open them or save them to the computer's desktop. Open the first one in PowerPoint on the computer. Click on New Slides then click on Reuse Slides at the bottom left of the window. A sidebar menu will open on the right. Click on Browse to search for your second PowerPoint show. Click on the PowerPoint file to highlight it. Click: OK to open the second PowerPoint. The slides should now appear in a right side menu box.

Note: At the bottom of the right side menu you can check a box that will import the second PowerPoint's slides in the same style you created them. If you leave it unchecked the slides you import will be changed to the first PowerPoint's theme and style.
At this point you should be able to see both PowerPoint slide shows in side menus, one on each side of the main window.

To add the slides from the right PowerPoint to the left PowerPoint, place your cursor and click on the space between the slides where you want the new slide to go. You will see a dark line appear where you clicked. Next, click on the slide in the right menu that you want to add. Clicking on it will add it to your first slide show.

To rearrange the slides in the first slide show just click and drag the slides up or down to change their position.